PDF and Word General CV Templates - Comparison

Comparison of General CV Templates in PDF and Word Formats

When it comes to seeking for a new job, the first and most important thing in this process is preparing a good and professionally-looking CV. It is the easiest way to make a positive impression on your prospective employer and HR. So, choosing a suitable document format is a key factor as well. Today, most people get used to PDF, while other applicants prefer Word format. On this website http://www.generalcvtemplate.com you may find various CV samples to meet your needs. We also have prepared for you a detailed description of each document format as well as their pros and cons to help you not to get lost in your choices.

Pros and Cons of CV in Word

If you opt for Word format, you have to be aware of several strong and weak points.

  • First of all, CV in this format consumes a little space on your device.
  • It is alterable, so you won't have any problems with editing your file and correcting certain mistakes in the text if any.
  • However, it is noteworthy that Word does not ensure safety and security of your information. So, anyone can make changes to it with ease.


This format is one of commonly used today for saving docs. There are multiple advantages to apply it.

  • For instance, you can open it easily.
  • It is easy to view and send from any device without installing additional apps.
  • Unlike Word, it has only one version. So, you can be sure that a recipient will see a document the same way you do on the screen of your device.
  • Moreover, you have an ability to protect a PDF with a password or limit the access to it.

Today, there are lots of streamlined editors that allow you to transform your file in PDF according to your needs.

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