* Please can you all also give me your feedback on the following match format idea - so I can feed it back to the Committee: *
Wieneke: I like both new formats, still prefer 8 sets in stead of 6
Donna: I think leave it the way it is.
Emilie: I think both are more interesting than present format with a slight preference of option 2 over 1
Bex: I prefer either of the new formats, than the existing one.
Lou: I like Option 2

Match Format Options
Two different match formats were forwarded to captains prior to meeting for discussion. The formats were suggested by a coach as a possible alternative to the present format if ever needed. Presently the Committee has no plans to change current format but wanted to let members know about new formats.
Option 1 – Four sets with three change of partners
Option 2 – Three sets with three change of partners
Few complaints have been received by Committee about present format. Most have been about either shortening matches to three sets or about teams who have a strong pair playing most matches to bring in four sets. With the change of partners in above options it was felt that teams would have a truer result of overall team skill. Also captains would have an easier time getting players to partner a range of team mates as it would be a League requirement and not a captain’s decision.
Captains were asked to discuss with teams and to let Committee have any feedback.

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