Training & Match Tips ;)

T R A I N I N G + M A T C H P L A Y:

Some great stuff…

The Mind Game of Tennis - a great website which covers "The Inner Game of Tennis"

On this site, there are videos, some short & concise :) Volleying can be found at:

Achieve a Winning Tennis Mind

There are hundreds + YouTube clips about tennis - covering all aspects of the game, including volleying lessons! I won't add them…perhaps you might have time to have a look & find ones which suit your learning style….I've added one from YouTube which may encourage you to go to another site, Sports Psychology Tennis ;) Cheers! Lou

Sports Psychology Tennis, e.g. How to focus during tennis matches

Some Useful Tips:

Don't forget to get a good night's sleep the night before!

Drink lots of water!!

Snack regularly.

Have F U N !

Eat plenty of chocolate in your diet ;) White wine also helps with relaxation, mustn't be tense/stressed!

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